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Project Summary

This project is called "Let There Be Light " in our schools, local communities and whole regions. Light is the central idea which will guide our students towards preservation of natural resources and responsible attitude towards our environment. Light, as the alternative source of energy is definitely in the focus of our attention as the vehicle of educating our students to become more responsible and caring for the future of our world. Therefore, the main idea is to use light and its infinite possibilities to enhance general acceptance of good practices in governance of the environment.

With this topic we would like to address certain questions:

cultures and their attitude towards environment, positive and negative practices in preservation of natural resources, usage of alternative sources of energy, students` involvement in active promotion of better behaviors in environmental issues, encouragement of  students` participation in new initiatives, creation of common future and sustainable eco friendly network between partners in this project and local institutions as well.

We would like to encourage pupils to get involved in the "green" field, and to show them that if they work hard, there are possibilities in their own towns where they can choose such universities and subsequently find employment in local communities. We are showing them that it is a rewarding field in the future and so they should not quit their education

Final results: the web site,promotional video, play, complete business plan. 

Expected project outcomes: better understanding and awareness of the importance of light and its influence on various aspects of life (economy, health, agriculture, art, tourism, food, implementation and promotion of best usage of alternative sources of energy from each country, developing active citizenship behaviors in students, acquisition of new skills and improvement of competences, cooperation between partners.

To sum up, this project will certainly awaken and foster a sense of awareness for the environment  in different connections and will help students realize its importance and potentials in terms of their future career.

What do I expect of this project?

(Hungarian Students)

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